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Genesis is the first device with Smart Drivity technology, the intelligent fusion of 4 technologies to obtain spectacular,long-lasting results effectively and painlessly.

Smart Drivity technology combines Capative Radiofrequency, LED light, Resistive Radiofrequency and Transcutaneous Drive technology for better penetration of actives.

We get doubble effect from it:

  • biological effect with Radiofrequency which stimulates collagen and elastin production, promotes biochemical processes, metabolic activation, accelerates tissue repair and strengthens capillary walls, boosts fibroblasts activity, increases tissue and cell oxygenation, redensifies skin tissue. Facilitates drainage and increases lipolyses and inhibits adipogenesis.
  • pharmacological effect which we acchive with Smart Transcutaneous Drive: Technology based on electro-phoroporation, cell activation and transcutaneous transport of latest-generation active ingredients.

During the treatment, brief pulses of lectricity are applied to the cells and tissues which act on the cell membranes and trigger molecular changes that lead to the formation of micropores that increase skin permeability. Simultaneously with the pulses, transport of active ingredients takes place through the skin in ionic form.

95€ Anti-ageing Flash

95€ Anti-ageing Intensive stimulation

130€ Anti-ageing Intensive stimulation + Booster

95€ Lifting Flash

95€ Lifting Intensive stimulation

130€  Lifting Intensive stimulation + Booster

550€ Intensive stimulation package of  6 treatments

750€ Intensive stimulation+ Booster package of 6 treatments

85€ Anti-ageing for sensitive skin

120€ Anti-ageing for sensitive skin + Booster

485€ Anti-ageing for sensitive skin package of 6 treatments

690€ Anti-ageing for sensitive skin + Booster package of 6 treatments

60€ Eye area (postsurgical treatment)

95€ Eye area + Booster (postsurgical treatment)

340€ Eye area (postsurgical treatment) package of 6 treatments                       

550€ Eye area+ Booster(postsurgical treatment) package of 6 treatments

75€ Double chin

110€ Double chin + Booster

430€ Double chin package of  6 treatments

640€ Double chin +Booster packageof  6 treatments

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