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What is Bodyshock?

Bodyshock is a dynamic treatment, individually addressing multiple causes of cellulite and correcting the aesthetic disorders they cause.

Bodyshock is adapted to the type of cellulite and to how far it has developed. It is a professional treatment  programme which enables personal treatment based on a diagnosis of the specific needs of each client.

Bodyshock is a multi-level treatment programme: it acts directly on three fronts to combat the cellulite formation process and to prevent its reappearance.

A package of 10 treatments, 790€


Area of treatment Method of treatment Results
Microcirculation Enhances microcirculation
Regulates capillary permeability
Antiedematose action
Improves tissue nutrition and oxygenation
Adipose tissue Lipolysis
Reduces number and size of fat-deposites
Dissolves fat nodules and decreases volume of treated area
Connective  tissue Increases synthesis of elastin and collagen,

regulates proliferation of fibroblasts


Firmness and elasticity


Why is this a dynamic programme?

The programme includes 10 treatment sessions. Each session starts with the skin being prepared to facilitate  subsequent penetration of the active substances.

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